Sifu Ryan

Provisional Master Ryan Kennedy began training in Traditional Wing Chun in 1994 at the age of eighteen after trying one of Sifu Sean O'Neils classes. Ryan felt that the system was unique and he began training the next day. After several years of training, he became an apprentice at Sifu O'Neils School in downtown Toronto and began to help teaching classes.

In 2002 after the closing of the Original Wing Chun School in Toronto, he continued to teach classes and eventually opened a New Wing Chun Academy in midtown Toronto. Sifu Kennedy is a co-founder of the Fighting Arts Collective of Toronto (F.A.C.T.) with an ecclectic collection of local martial artists from various styles including Wing Chun, J.K.D. and Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts (A.E.M.M.A.). FACT proceeded to open a unique facility dedicated to the practice of martial arts.

Along with his continuous training with his sifu, Master Phillip Redmond, he travels extensively to meet and train with other Traditional Wing Chun instructors in the United States such as Master Keith Mazza.

In Spring 2007, Sifu Ryan went to Australia to train with Grandmaster Cheung and proudly served as the resident instructor for the World Headquarters in Melbourne. He worked to promote unity within the association alongside Sifu Keith Young, as well as foster the duties as the first instructor of Grandmaster's personal excercise system, ISO-CHI. He brings this experience to Toronto, where he continues to teach.

Sifu Ryan is also a certified personal trainer as well as a certified kettlebell lifting coach (AKC) taught by Valery Federenko and continues to work with a broad spectrum of people in these aspects. Together with Leon Samadi (FAC), he recently started the Toronto Kettlebell club.